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Baby Goat Snuggles

Find your zen with our baby goats!

Duration: 40 minutes to snuggle baby goats - Then spend as much time on the Farm visiting all of the animals! You can arrive early or stay after your session!

Baby Goats Have Finally Arrived!!!!

Have you ever had a baby goat fall asleep in your lap? Or maybe hopped up onto your legs and given you the softest headbutt ever possible? If you’re looking to spend an hour snuggling, hugging, and playing with baby goats - you’ve come to the right place! Goat kids are naturally curious and playful, and our goats love to climb on anyone and anything! We will provide assorted goat treats and there will be plenty of time to pet, hold, and take pictures with the goats throughout your hour with them.

Baby Goat Snuggle Session includes access to the entire farm so you can visit with all the other animals. You can bring your own or buy animal treats in the concession barn. (Fruits & Veggies are the preferred treats).

We have tons of animals at the farm that you can come meet! Our steer Daryll would never turn down a head scratch and a snack! Miss Piggie, Scarlet & Ziggy are always ready to zip across their pen to get a carrot and say hello! We also have chickens and ducks that love eating from your hand once you earn their trust. Frankie the peacock is happy to show off his tail and snag a snack as he patrols the property.

Adults are welcome to BYOB or wine if you'd like to enjoy a drink while snuggling.
*Children 2 and under are Free
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