ROSE Therapeutic Farm

Goat Yoga Katy has grown into so much more than just a place for yoga with adorable lil goats!  In 2019 we move to our forever home in Brookshire Texas on a quaint 12 acre property that is blanketed with over 50 gorgeous pecan trees.  We acquired 4 horses when we bought the property and since then we have added mini pigs, rabbits, chickens, a mini donkey and a baby bull named Daryl to our lil farm. 


I want to share this amazing property with you and your family.  This year we will start offering day camps for local kiddos so they can experience "the simple life" and see first hand what it feels like to live and work on a farm.


ROSE Therapeutic Farm Life Experiences are an exciting way to light up any young person’s life. Our camps provide unique, hands-on opportunities for learning, growth, and fun. We will spend our time here immersed in the natural world, with animals and the environment. Each experience is loaded with enriching activities meant to help your kiddos connect with nature and learn how to enjoy "the simple life".
*Our experiences are geared toward children ages 7 - 13  We may offer different age groups in the future so please email me if you have a younger or older child that is interested. 
*Each group will have 6 or less participants.  
Morning Activities


Each day will bring something a little bit different, just like life on a ranch.  But each day will start with tending to the animals.

  • Preparing and feeding all of the animals their morning meal of hay, grain, seed and veggies!

  • Collecting all of the egg the chickens laid the night before.

  • Checking to make sure everyone has fresh water and clean bedding.

  • Grooming and snuggles

Special Educational Animal Activity


Each week we will spend time with a different farm animal learning about what their purposes are a farm, cleaning their pens and taking care of their special needs.  

  • Horses don't just say nah! - We will be Grooming Horses, Feeding Horses, Walking Horses on a Lead, Learning about Horse Care.

  • Goats, Goats, Goats! - We will learn to trim hooves, give weekly supplements, provide deworming treatments and clean the goat house!

  • Chickens rule the Roost!

  • Pigs and Bulls...

Experience Schedules

We are looking for participants that can commit to spending 1 morning (3 hrs) each week for a full month at the farm.

  • For example - Every Tuesday from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM - For all of August


  • This is meant to be a real farm/ranch life experience so we will get dirty!  We will also be outside all day.  We have a large barn where we will do our crafts, eat lunch and other activities but it is not air-conditioned.  Please have your kiddos dress accordingly.  If they don't like being outdoors or getting dirty, this may not be the camp for them.

  • We will have an outdoor toilet for everyone to use.  It is in location with privacy and we have a sink with running water adjacent for hand washing.  It is a clean potty but it is an outside potty.  Please let your kiddos know what to expect.

  • Ages for this camp are 7 - 13!  



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