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We will be happy to schedule a call to discuss your upcoming event and how Goat Yoga could be incorporated to help you draw additional attendees!

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Everyone loves goats!  So why not include these cute cuddly little creatures to entice more people to you business or event?

Take a look at some of the Upcoming Community Events and Charity Fundraisers Goat Yoga Katy will be participating in!

Girlfriends Giggle - Friday, April 26th, 2019

Summer Fest - Saturday, April 27th, 2019

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Special Events Package

2 Hour Event Package has a $1500 Flat Fee and we will customize our offering to fit your event!

Ideas for Events:

  • 2 hours allows for 2 full goat yoga classes.  If you wanted to sell tickets you can charge attendees $35 per person with 30 people in each class.

  • If you want to offer free classes or classes at a lower cost I would suggest 30 minute session with 10 minutes after for photos.

  • Goat Yoga Photos for guests!  You can allow your event attendees to snap photos with the goats while in Downdog, Plank or any of their favorite yoga poses!!!  It's like a silly petting zoo for adults or kids :)


This Package includes:

  • 2 Hours of Goat Yoga, snuggles, photos or whatever you think would be the best use of our time.  

  • A grassy area of at least 800 Sq feet that we can fence in!

  • Additional Hour is $200!

What we need from you!!! 

  • Yoga mats for participants!  We can bring 10 but the rest are up to the yogi's to provide :)

  • We recommend a grassy partially shaded area (especial in the summer)  A concrete surface will work as well but remember the goats are NOT potty trained.

These are packages are just to give you an idea of what we can offer.  We can discuss a custom package as well if you like!
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