Spring Break Experiences

March 15 & 16 - Two Day Farm Life Camp

March 18 - One Day Farm Life Camp

March  17 & 19 - Family Farm Experience

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*Four Day Camp is in Summer ONLY :)


Spring Break FARM Life Experience​

This experience offers lots of one on one time with adorable farm animals. Meet our goats, horses, piggies, bunnies & a baby bull!

Disconnect from the world and enjoy some animal love on our "Behind the scenes" ranch tour. Meet our goats, horses, piggies & bunnies and help feed or groom them. All of the animals are super friendly and will eat right out of your hand. Experience first hand what it's like to take care of a small ranch.

We will start by feeding Nosey Parker, Jenkins, Blondie and Sweetie Pie their favorite treats, apples and carrots. Then we will refresh their hay and have a little time to groom them before heading over to visit the goats.

Next we will take a stroll around the property with the goat heard as we learn the unique characteristic and history of the Nigerian Dwarf breed and watch them graze. Get up close for one on one time with Jeffery, Bubbah, Honey and Snickers who love to snuggle and jump around.

Today is all about connecting with nature and the animals on our ranch. Ziggie the piggie and Scarlett will always come out grunting and snorting when they smell the delicious treats we have in hand.

Finally we will finish our tour in the bunny pen to enjoy a cup of herbal tea and serve Hope and Faith a fresh salad.

*We must have at least 4 guests for this tour to take place. No more then 12 people at a time to ensure everyone gets lots of time with the animals.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Farm Life!!!

Private Events

Private Events

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ROSE Therapeutic Farm

ROSE Therapeutic Farm

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Ladies Goat Yoga & Champagne Brunch! We will also spend time exploring the Farm making a super cute Wine Bottle craft! 



About this Event

Goats, Yoga & Nature!!!!  What more could you ask for??? How about a making a cute craft while enjoying a Champagne Brunch?

THIS EVENT WILL BE LIMITED TO 18 PEOPLE :) If you want to buy 3 or more tickets please message me first so I can help save you $$.

This is a ladies only event! Come with your friends or come solo and make some new friends. This is an overview of our day.

  • Goat Yoga

  • Farm Experience

  • Wine Bottle Craft

  • Champagne Tasting and Brunch

Goat Yoga

Join us on our 12 acre property for a fun filled and challenging goat yoga class set on a gorgeous country homestead under beautiful oak trees.  Connect with nature as you connect with yourself.

What is Goat Yoga??? Well, it's just like regular yoga, with stretching, postures and breathing, except with adorable and friendly goats wandering around. It is truly as much fun as it sounds. This is an experience like no other. Combining the benefits of yoga with the calming and loving connection with goats will leave you feeling light, happy and wanting more.

Farm Experience

I offered my first Farm Life Experience Summer Camps this year and it was such a BLAST!!! I had sooooo many mom's asking if I would offer something similar for them. So we will spend this time visiting ALL of the farm animals & feeding and grooming them.

Champagne Tasting & Brunch

Next we will enjoy a fabulous Champagne Tasting with a delicious Charcuterie Board Brunch! I Love Champagne, Charcuterie and Brunch!!!! I hope you do too :)

We will be tasting 3 different champagnes & sparking wines for different regions around the world. If you would like to bring anything special that you prefer to drink please feel free. We will also offer water, tea and a light mimosa.

Paper Flower Craft

While we enjoy the Champagne Tasting and Charcuterie Brunch we will each create our own paper flower craft. It just depends on how creative you're feeling :)

Make it for your momma, a friend or for yourself :)  I will supply all of the materials you will need as well as the instructions :)

Walking Mediation with the Goats

We will finish up our day with a guided walking meditation with the goats as they graze and nibble on leaves. We will spend this time thinking being present and enjoying the beauty of the natural world around us.

Then you'll be on your way feeling refreshed and energized with an adorable Valentines craft you can display year after year :)

Our Property

Our Property

Champagne Tasting

Champagne Tasting

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board

Daryl our Steer

Daryl our Steer

Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers




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