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Escape the City: 4 Benefits of Nature & Spending Time Outdoors

There are so many benefits to living in the city. Just about anything you could need is only a few minutes away, with a variety of schools and workplaces to choose from. And it’s easy to stay in the loop with your local community’s culture, thanks to the close proximity between neighbors.

Though city living has its pros, there are some cons associated with it, too. The fast- paced feel of city life can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, especially if you’re hard at work most of the time at your job or school. It can also be difficult to feel connected to nature when you’re surrounded by buildings all the time.

Leaving a city setting isn’t a realistic goal for everyone, but spending some intentional time in the great outdoors can have amazing benefits for your health if you’re a city dweller. By spending more time in nature, you can experience four physical and mental benefits: 1. Improved Mental Health

Though you could read up on all of the scientific studies that link improved mental health with more time spent in nature, you’ll likely feel those effects right away as soon as you make it part of your routine.

Time spent outdoors gives our eyes — and brains — a break from screens and stimulates our minds in a healthier way than scrolling on social media or watching TV.

It’s very common for people to feel more relaxed after a long hike, a picnic, or a goat yoga session on a farm, and these activities could even help to reduce symptoms of depression. 2. Reduced Stress

Some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, but even these people can admit that always being on the go can cause high levels of stress. When you’re in nature, the stillness of everything can be a powerful contrast to your typical day-to-day routine and allow you to truly relax.

Combine the serene energy of nature with some enjoyable movement, and you’ve got the perfect combination to noticeably reduce your stress levels with just an hour or two spent outdoors.

3. Better Physical Health Though simply lying out in an open area and feeling the sunshine can be a great way to enjoy nature, many people spend their time outdoors hiking, biking, running, or taking a leisurely stroll. Regular exercise means better health, so your outdoor activities can improve your physical health significantly, not to mention provide you with healthy doses of vitamin D.

4. More Quality Time with Loved Ones Some people like to use their time out in nature as a way to enjoy some peaceful solitude.

Though this can be a great way to spend some quality alone time, don’t forget about the fact that time spent outdoors together can be a great way to bond with your loved ones.

The peace and quiet of nature will help to reduce your stress levels so that you can simply enjoy each other’s company without the fast-paced, frantic energy of city life.

However you choose to spend your time outdoors, making time to enjoy nature is a simple way to bring more positivity and balance into your life.

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