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Discover Summer Adventure at Rose Therapeutic Farm!

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Summer Camps

Our summer camps provide an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature for children aged 5 to 13. Each day is filled with hands-on, engaging activities that nurture growth, learning, and fun.
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Morning Activities

Start each morning by caring for our farm animals. Campers will:

  • Prepare and serve morning meals of hay, grain, seeds, and veggies to the animals.

  • Collect eggs laid by our chickens overnight.

  • Ensure fresh water and clean bedding for all animals.

  • Enjoy grooming and cuddling sessions with chicks and goats.

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Crafting and Learning: Daily Activities on the Farm

Each day at our summer camp offers a blend of educational activities, games, and crafts, all focused on farm life and animal care. Here's a preview of the engaging experiences we have planned:

  • Building Bird Houses out of recycled items.

  • Making toys for the chickens to play with.

  • Beautifying the Horse & Goat Pins.

  • Making homemade treats for the goats, chickens, rabbits and horses!

  • Tending to the garden, picking and planting new veggies, flowers and fruit trees

Special Educational Animal Activities
  • Goat Hoof Care: Participate in a live demonstration of goat hoof trimming.

  • Goat Digestive System and Behavior: Walk with goats around the farm and observe their foraging habits.

  • Gardening 101: Learn to plant seeds, tend to a vegetable garden, and enjoy freshly picked produce.

  • Baby Chick Hatching: Discover the life cycle of chickens from incubation to egg laying.

  • Beekeeping Insights: Learn about the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem and taste fresh honey from our hives.


Why Choose ROSE Therapeutic Farm
Summer Camp?

At ROSE Therapeutic Farm in Brookshire, Texas, we offer a transformative summer camp experience, fostering deep connections with nature. Our campers enjoy educational and engaging activities with a variety of animals, learn about sustainable farming, and immerse themselves in the natural world on our picturesque 12-acre property. Designed for children aged 5 to 13, our inclusive environment ensures fun and enriching experiences that cultivate an appreciation for the simple joys of farm life.
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Preparing for Your Farm Adventure

Ages for this camp are 5 - 13!

This is meant to be a real farm/ranch life experience so we will get dirty! We will also be outside all day. We have a large barn where we will do our crafts, eat lunch and other activities but it is not air-conditioned.

Please have your kiddos dress accordingly. If they don't like being outdoors or getting dirty, this may not be the camp for them. We will have an outdoor toilet for everyone to use. It is in location with privacy and we have a sink with running water adjacent for hand washing. It is a clean potty but it is an outside potty. Please let your kiddos know what to expect.

Lunch can be provided or you can send a bag lunch with your kiddos. We have a cooler we will keep these in. We will have access to fresh iced water all day :) Of course you are welcome to send a lunch with your kiddo if you choose.

Book Your Summer Camp Experience!

From the immersive Two-Day Farm Life Camp to our family-friendly Mommy & Me Farm Camp, each program is designed to provide an enriching farm experience. Choose your preferred camp and click 'Book' to secure your spot today!

Morning Farm Camp - July

3 Hours • Ages 5 - 12 • Parents Welcome!

Price: $20 - $65

Farm Life Summer Camp

4 Days (M - Th) • Ages 5 - 13

Price: $ 300
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Mommy and Me Farm Camp

2.5 Hours • All Ages

Price: $25 - $85

Two-Day Farm Life Summer Camp

2 Days • Ages 5 - 13

Price: $ 160
Captured Moments: Our Summer Camp Adventures
Dive into our photo gallery to see the joy and adventure that await at ROSE Therapeutic Farm. Each image captures the essence of our enriching summer camps and the unforgettable experiences of our campers.
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