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What should I wear?

CLOSED TOE SHOES ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  Wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for outdoors.  If it has rained, the property does get muddy and waterproof shoes like rain boots may be recommended.

Are infants and toddlers allowed?

Infant and toddler siblings are welcome with parental supervision.

Can I bring my dog?

No.  Please leave your pet at home and not in the parked car.  Alpacas and dogs don’t mix and may result in injury to animals or humans.

How does weather affect our farm visit/activity?

We will reschedule your farm visit or activity in the event of:

  • Rain, severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warnings
  • Freezing temperatures, cold weather with high winds
  • Standing water or extremely muddy conditions on the farm

If we have to cancel an activity due to weather you will receive a gift card that you can use to make a future booking for any event or activity on the farm.  This gift card does not expire.

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