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Goat Yoga Team Building Events

Do you want to build a stronger bond with your Team Members?

Our packages include gentle yoga with goats; no experience with yoga is necessary. Variations and accommodations are offered to meet the varying physical needs of participants. This group activity generates engagement, wellness, curiosity, playfulness, and a common, unique, group experience. The partner yoga component within it builds trust and communication between group members. Our yoga is taught by a certified and registered yoga instructor. Our programs also include communication-enhancing, problem-solving, frolicsome group games that prompt discussion, self-reflection, and new perspectives on approaching tasks and communication effectively. Two examples of the kinds of games utilized include mirthful, puzzle-solving, strategic scavenger hunts on the venue’s countryside grounds and package-wrapping challenges with humour-inducing, creative twists.


Our professional facilitator aligns workshops with your desired outcomes; consequently, your package includes a telephone consultation prior to the day of the workshop and skilled debriefings during the workshop.  Sample questions to ask yourself are: What are my desired outcomes? What do I want my team to do differently at the end of this workshop?  What values am I hoping to grow?  What behaviours am I seeking to bring out in our workplace?  What discussions do I want to encourage?


In addition, you can add to the team building portion of your visit by scheduling in meeting time to attend to your team’s personal agenda items. We also offer refreshment packages.

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Team Building Package

2 Hour Team Building Package is $55 per person, minimum 15 Yogi's


This includes:

  • 2 Hours at our property under the Live Oak Trees in the front pasture.  

  • All Yoga Mats will be provided for the class

Traveling Team Building - We come to you!!! 

  • Price is $60 per person minimum 15 people!

  • Perfect for Team building at the office!

These are packages are just to give you an idea of what we can offer.  We can discuss a custom package as well if you like!
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