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Goat Yoga

Still wondering what Goat Yoga is??? Well it’s Yoga with Goats, silly!


Goat Yoga is a fun interactive way to let loose and giggle while going through a basic yoga flow class. It’s NOT a serious practice and is truly ideal for new or first time yogis. I think of it as Yoga play time and so do the goats. So why not get outside in the country for a couple hours, unify your mind, body and breath with this 5000 year old practice while laughing and snuggling with adorable little baby goats???


This is an experience like no other. Combining the benefits of yoga with the calming and loving connection with goats will leave you feeling light, happy and wanting more.


If you would like to schedule birthday party, Bachelorette party, sorority party or other special Goat Yoga event please visit the Private Events page now!​

We offer goat yoga classes monthly on our 12 acre property and it feel like coming to a Yoga Retreat!  We are Located just 30 minutes west of Houston and 10 minutes west of Katy.  Please visit our CLASSES or BUY TICKETS pages to learn more about these Goat Yoga classes.


An Experience Like
No Other!

Goats blend so well with our fun light hearted yoga practice.  We combine nature, animals and a fun energetic flow to help you unwind and enjoy being outdoors.

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Connect with Nature

How often do you lay in the grass and look up at the sky?  When was the last time you simply sat outside and soaked up the beauty of your surroundings?  In our Goat Yoga class we encourage you to be present and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of mother nature.

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