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family activities on the farm

Farm Day Pass

Visit our farm with our 1 Day Pass! Enjoy full access to all of our animals and even bring a picnic to enjoy on our spacious grounds. 

goat yoga

Goat Yoga & Mimosas

Join us for goat yoga and mimosas, followed by a chance to explore our farm and meet all of our adorable animals up close. 

morning chores on the farm

Animal Husbandry

Join our animal husbandry session where you can meet and learn about all of our farm animals. Get hands-on experience feeding and caring for goats, cows, horses, sheep, and more.

cow cuddles

Farm Life Summer Program

Our camps provide unique, hands-on opportunities for learning, growth, and fun. Campers spend their time here immersed in the natural world, with animals and the environment. Each camp is loaded with creative, enriching activities.

Birdhouse Craft.png

Crafting on the Farm

We are excited to offer you a unique experience each month a new craft!

Plus, you'll have full access to the farm during your visit. Come enjoy the peaceful and serene atmosphere while learning something new. We can't wait to see you!

farm membership

Farm Membership

Check out our annual membership program that gives you and your family access to all the joys of our farm all year long! With a range of benefits designed to enhance your farm experience, you'll be sure to have a blast every time you visit.

Small Group and Private Events

birthday pavillion

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your next birthday on our farm with our Farm Party Package, Baby Goat Snuggle Party or Goat Yoga Package! Both options are available year-round and offer a unique and fun experience.

baby goat snuggles

Baby Goat Snuggling

This is Seasonal!  I wish we had baby goats all the time but we only have them a few months each year.  We have babies through the end of January and are expecting more Late February, then again in the fall!


Cow Cuddling

We have been searching high and low for the perfect baby cow.  And we finally found Miss Maple!  She's a Scottish Highland Cow and she really loves to cuddle and even nap in you lap!

Seasonal Events


Pumpkin Carving with Goats!

Our mission is to encourage well-being by allowing the community to escape the city and experience the “simple life” surrounded by nature and farm animals.

What we stand for:

Reviving the Family Farm

Offering Animal Experiences

Supporting Local Ranchers

Ending Factory Farming

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We help people relax, unwind and have a whole lotta fun!!!  My goats bring the ZEN and I bring the YOGA.  We offer WEEKEND Classes in a beautiful country setting.

Saturday Mornings 

yoga with goats

Private Events








All About our Little Farm!

Hi, I’m Tiffany. Our small farm journey began in 2017 when we welcomed our first animals, a Mini Pig named Ziggy and a Goat named Lil Bit. Initially, we offered Goat Yoga classes, but since then our herd has grown significantly and so have our events. We currently provide a home to over 100 animals, and we've established a large community of animal enthusiasts who return year after year.

Over the past seven years, the farm experienced a magical transformation. In 2019, we relocated to Brookshire, and since then, every year has brought new delights. In the first year, the farm welcomed two mini pigs, a majestic bull named Daryll, and a flock of duck, chickens and Peacock named Frankie. The second year introduced two FFA sheep, a wise tortoise named Tully, and eight Californian rabbits (Who now free range on the farm). The farm continued to expand, with new members each year... Hank a sweet Zebu steer and a naughty Peacock named Frankie whose iridescent feathers added a mystical element joined the farm. The latest year saw the arrival of two adorable mini donkeys, Bailey and Oliver, completing the captivating tapestry of the farm's evolution.

Stay Tuned... More to Come!

Goat Yoga in Katy

This was an awesome experience!! To do Yoga outside underneath that beautiful tree with the breeze plus with the Goats was amazing. Loved the Goats, so sweet and full of personality. Can’t wait to do it again!

--- Michelle H.

Goat Yoga in Houston

Great Class and lots of fun. This is a legit yoga class people! I am a beginner with yoga and felt very comfortable in the class. She explained things on a level I could understand and achieve! The precious baby goats were just icing on the cake!!

— Paige P.


Tel:  281-748-5754

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