Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale

We have baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats Available with Excellent milking lines!  Nigerian Dwarf Goats make a very high fat milk that is excellent for drinking, making cheese or fun crafts like soap making!  They make amazing pets as well!  They love interacting with people, being held and snuggling.  We will have several kids available of various colors, some will be polled and blue eyed.

Baby Goats are Weaned and ready to go to their forever home at 12 weeks.  I believe it is vital to the long term health of these babies to keep them with momma goat until they are fully weaned at 3 months.  While they are in my care they are handled and loved on daily.  They also start participating in our goat yoga classes at just one week so they are very friendly and love being with people.




Weathers: Starting at $150

Bucks: Starting at $175

FEMALES: Starting at $225


Add $75 for BLUE EYES

Add $50 to $100 for Desirable Markings -See Different Color Variations Here

Email Tiffany to Reserve your Baby today!

  • All sales are local pickup. I want to meet the new owner in person :)

  • Our kids will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  A deposit of $50 is due to hold the animal until weaning age or up to 30 days then the final payment is expected. Deposits are non refundable if the buyer does not go through with the sale. We accept Paypal, Venmo, checks or credit cards via Square for deposits.

  • We do not Dis-bud our goats.  I believe God made them this way for a reason.  All of my goats have horns and still participate in Goat Yoga :)

  • All kids that stay until weaned will be up to date on Deworming and Coccidia prevention, we usually wean kids between 8-12 weeks.

  • If you purchase a bottle baby you will be responsible for providing any care it needs, including vaccines & worming at the appropriate times. Wethers are banded at 8-12 weeks of age.


Goats are herd animals and do not do well alone, they require constant companionship. I will not sell a single goat to a home with no other goats. A lonely goat is not a happy goat!

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