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Goats are very loving, gentle animals which makes them ideal therapy animals :)

I am not a Doctor but I can speak from experience. My goats have changed my life for the better and I love sharing them with others. Beside begin super cute and cuddly they are also very smart and intuitive. They seem to observe who needs a little extra love each time we are in a group or a class.

Suggested visit locations:
  • Retirement Communities - Goat Therapy

  • Children's Day Cares - Goat Snuggles

  • School Testing Breaks - Goat Therapy

Goat Therapy Packages

Special Pricing for Weekday Therapy Visits! 


$125 for 2 Goats or $175 for 3 Goats!

This includes:

  • 1 hour at your location  

  • Travel outside of 15 mile radius will incur additional cost.

  • $50 for each additional hour :)

This is NOT Goat Yoga!!!  This is just fun with goats :)

We will need a fenced in area to ensure the safety of the goats!

Outside is best because they are NOT potty trained.

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