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Meet All the Creatures that Call ROSE Therapeutic Farm Their Home

ROSE Therapeutic Farm may be known among Houston local farms as the one that famously offers goat yoga, but there’s so much more to experience at this beautiful, functional farm, located just minutes outside the city.

Not only will you find a slew of planned events and the option to book private parties, but the farm is filled with a range of other animals you can interact with in various ways.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to bolster your well-being, spend quality time with loved ones, or simply relax by cuddling a lovable baby goat, you’ll find just what you need and so much more. What kinds of animals will you spot while touring the farm?

Goats and Baby Goats

You’re going to see plenty of adult and baby goats when visiting ROSE Therapeutic Farm. Nigerian Dwarf goats are small, like Pygmy goats, but proportioned like full-sized dairy goats. They grow to only about 24 inches in height.

Bred primarily for companionship and milking, these fun and adorable creatures tend to have sweet and docile personalities, and they love to play and cuddle.

This makes them ideal yoga partners, as they’ll nimbly join you in a plank or downward dog or simply cuddle up beside you as you rest in child’s pose. Whether you join a yoga class or book a snuggle session with baby goats, you’ll fall in love with these miniature beauties as soon as you meet them.

ROSE Therapeutic Farm offers opportunities to adopt/sponsor farm goats or even purchase a weaned baby goat to take home for companionship and delicious, high-fat milk.


Clever, gentle, and affectionate, pigs are social and make great companions, much like dogs. The mini pigs on the farm include Miss Piggy, Scarlet, and Ziggy, and they’re always ready to meet and greet guests. All it takes is a carrot to get their attention, and they’ll race across the pen to say hello and accept your gift.

Chickens and Ducks

The fowl on the farm may seem aloof, but they’re merely discerning about who they cozy up to. When you take a few moments to show them respect, they’ll wander nearer to check you out, especially if you offer them a handful of tasty feed.

Other Animals on the Farm

When you visit farms in Houston, you may expect to find horses and cattle, and you won’t be disappointed. ROSE Therapeutic Farm is home to not only goats, pigs, and fowl, but miniature horses, bunnies, and a single steer named Daryll.

This gentle giant loves his head scratches, and he’s always happy to receive a snack. You can even book a private experience with Daryll to groom this dapper gentleman. You might also see a peacock, Frankie, wandering around the farm in search of a snack and an opportunity to show off his colorful plumage.

The Best Experiences from Houston Local Farms

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing farm tour, looking to host a private event, or simply want to participate in goat yoga and other events on the calendar, you’ll find plenty to love at ROSE Therapeutic Farm, where opportunities to zen out and interact with a menagerie of animals abound.

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