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♥ Get on the waiting list for a Baby Goat!


If you would prefer to sponsor a new baby, you can pay a deposit to get on the waiting list! As new babies are born, members of the waiting list will be offered the opportunity to sponsor them in the order in which they joined the waiting list.


These are not bottle babies.  They will be nursed by their mommas on our Farm!

Adopt a Baby Goat


    ♥ You will have the opportunity to help us name the baby

    ♥ Two Baby Goat Snuggle Sessions Included

    ♥ Get weekly updates and photos!

    ♥ Welcome card with photo and bio of your sponsored goat.

    *This is a 2 month sponsorship as we will sell most babies at around 2 months of age. They are ALWAYS sold as pets and all new owners are thoroughly vetted :)

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