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Mocha the lazy girl!


Age: 2.5 years

Breeding: She usually has one or two babies


Temperment: Mocha loves to lounge around.  In goat yoga she'll be the first to curl up on a mat for a nap.  She still loves a good neck scratch but she'll want you to come to her.

Adopt Mocha

  • Adopt-A-Goat is a 12-month program that provides the recipient with the following:

    ♥ Welcome card with photo and bio of your sponsored goat.
    ♥ Observe or Assist in one of our quarterly Health Check ups and Hoof Trimming
    ♥ Monthly Visits with your goat

    ♥ Be the first to know when momma has her babies!
    ♥ Quarterly and in-the-moment email updates on your sponsored goat and happenings at the farm (kidding season, breeding season, walks through the pasture, etc.)

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