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Smiley Cyrus is the head of the Herd, the Matriarch!


Age: 4 years

Breeding: Typically has twins or Triplets


Temperment: She is very strong willed but also loves to have her cheeks scratched.  She still loves to do goat yoga but is a little too big to jump up on someone's back so she has to watch from the sidelines.  She's smiles when she looks up at you!  That's how she got her name :)

Adopt Smiley Cyrus

  • Adopt-A-Goat is a 12-month program that provides the recipient with the following:

    ♥ Welcome card with photo and bio of your sponsored goat.
    ♥ Observe or Assist in one of our quarterly Health Check ups and Hoof Trimming
    ♥ Monthly Visits with your goat

    ♥ Be the first to know when momma has her babies!
    ♥ Quarterly and in-the-moment email updates on your sponsored goat and happenings at the farm (kidding season, breeding season, walks through the pasture, etc.)

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